Skelly Burn

🔥The Burial🔥


When: Feb 27th
What: Trade 2 Snow Skellies for a new, more evolved Snow Skelly
Cost: 10 Ada (NFT Maker cost plus ~1 Ada to community


📅Event Info📅

 Holders will choose 2 skellies to send in one transaction to our burial wallet. After a quick and painless execution, the skellies are thrown into the ground two at a time and covered with dirt for 24 hours. Once the earth begins to tremble, the two skellies combine into one skelly more evolved than the original two! Feb 27th, 125 graves are available for 250 skellies. All skelly holders will get to submit two pair per wallet for 24 hours. If there are more submitted than graves, we'll pick all wallets for one and then pick the first two from the second. Then, the remaining graves will be submitted on a first come, first served basis until they are full. Then, the magic will happen and brand new skellies will begin appearing in your wallets!


💀Skelly Types💀

Epic skellies only spawn from the Golden Burial ground. 5 grave sites have been dug here. Anyone with a gold founder's badge lucky enough to bury two skellies here will receive an Epic Snow Skelly in return! Epic skellies are exceedingly rare with only 2 in existence at the moment. If the epic grave isn't chosen, the grave will bear either a skelly with new layers, or a skelly minted from the same traits as before but with different combinations and different rarities. Some skellies will have new layers which will be revealed post burn! To maximize your chances, you will need to have 100 founder's boost total between all gold and silver badges. Up to 50% chance for each pull.

🎉New Layers🎉

The base chance for a new layer will be 25% if you don't have any founder's badges in the wallet you send the skellies from. The maximum boost percent is capped at 100%. So, if you have 100 or more total cumulative boost on the founder's badges in wallet, your chance for new layers is 50%. The formula for new layer chance% = 25 + 25 (boost percent/100). This means if you have 50 total boost in your wallet, then you get half of the max boost. 99 boost would be 99% of the maximum boost to the base. Even if you do not get a new layer, the new skellies will have a new set of parameters for the limited collection to produce unique and totally awesome skellies. Admins won't be allowed to participate in the burn. Mods will be allowed as they are also member of the park. Buried skellies will have their tokens burned from the blockchain.